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Persuasive Writing,Spanish 2, and Media and Society are all classes we as students have to take in our journey to recieve a college degree. What the system does not tell you is a lot of those “required” classes never make the cut in the real world, however, one class has made a remarkable difference in our degree seeking adventure: Electronic Communications.
Electronic Communication started off as a basic “here is a mac and here is how to use it” strutured class but quickly turned high tech.
Wordpress, Garage Band, and PhotoShop were introduced to the class and a whole new world opened up. WordPress I found to be a simple program to use and of great importance to any journalist’s future career. Garage Band, although annoying, found to be a useful tool in editing voices and podcasts. Finally, PhotoShop, which led to touching up many distorted and rough pictures made all projects turn out cleaner and more precise.

Electronic Communications also taught the class how to use programs such as Soundslides and Imovie. These programs simplified editing of picture podcasts and eventually video podcasts. Truth be told, I had no idea how to create and upload YouTube videos until this class.
Since the class, I have used many of these programs in my daily life and plan on using all of them at one time or another in my upcoming internship and inevitable career.
Many thanks to Jory and the experiences she shared with our class. I have learned more than you know. Good Luck to you and your family. God Bless you future!


When you view a random website, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Do you even think twice about the content layout or easy access of the site?

Most people do not instantly stop after opening a page and say “wow! This site is set up so well!” However, we always recognize when a website is thrown together and has too much going on. We are always quick to judge the ugly.

I have found a few sites that I admire as well as dislike; strictly judging by the way the website is set up and how easily it is accessed.

My first website I love is Abercrombie & Fitch’s site. They use the ‘F’ method when building their content. At the top of the screen they have their logo followed by their clothing line options, casting calls for models, and even music (which I love). On the side there are coupons/updates on clearance sales. Directly across is a large and sexy promotional picture.

The eyes are drawn in an F shape and the website is clear and precise. Abercrombie gets an A-.

Next up, I found Eskimo Joe’s to be an excellent site. I am currently employed by Eskimo Joe’s and love promoting the site to customers because it is so easy to use. It is also very informative and entertaining. I love the idea of getting on the site and being able to see if the restaurant is busy or not; that and I love creeping on co-workers through their live feed camera’s. The site is welcoming and put together beautifully. I encourage everyone to check it out.

Eskimo Joe’s gets an A. 

Finally, on my good list, is Bing. Bing is actually a search engine site but is so clean and effective that I have to give the site its props. From first glance, Bing appears to be a ‘F’ shape content site but once you move your mouse, it turns into a ‘Z’ shape viewer; allowing viewers to click on certain facts on the page pertaining to the background picture. Very clever!

Bing gets a A- as well.

Just to show my readers a website I am not a fan of and do not suggest they follow, I have found an example.

The website I chose is not AWFUL but definitely needs work. Just like their store, the Old Navy website has way to much going on. The header alone has so many intense ads and promotions everywhere. My eyes do not know where to go first, which as a viewer is never a good thing. If you do stay on the page longer than 10 seconds and follow the page down it does get better nevertheless the website needs a lot of work to be par with the competition.

Old Navy gets a C- in my book.

Websites need to be clean and precise, entertaining but not over done, and finally easy to access for all viewers.

Net Neutrality

Is everything about money? Is money worth our rights, worth our say, worth our freedom???

A recent proposal was passed through the House of Representatives that would restrict net neutrality and make citizens pay more for extra site usage.


Sounds great to the uneducated. Think about it, “only pay for the sites you use!” Yeah and only get those sites unless you want to pay a lot more for any extra viewed pages.

As a student I am repulsed. We spend hours a day online viewing, researching, socializing pages we may or may not have foreseen us using before that moment.

Honestly it sounds like 2 things are trying to occur. One, service providers are trying to drain our wallets and fill theirs. By restricting our usage, they are shutting down small businesses and saving money in the long run by shifting money from advertising to their pockets.

Two, I see the government slowly but surely gaining a way to sensor and regulate the American people. Don’t believe me? Why not check out the Patriot Act while you’re at it. These acts of protection are actually ways for the elite, the powerful, the trusted ones or whatever you call them to gain trust by promoting safety precautions while secretly stealing the rights this great nation was based upon.

I may be wrong. I may have no idea what I am talking about so build your own opinion. Check out USA Today online for more information on the Net Neutrality issue and I encourage any knowledge hungry viewers to watch “Capitalism” by Michael Moore if you want to know what is really going on in your country.

Be aware, Be informed.


The video I choose to shoot was a PSA for youth baseball or youth sports in general. I feel I kids spend more time getting into trouble instead of being productive.

Youth sports provide kids with skills such discipline, order, and the sense of competitiveness.

The source I used was Imovie. I actually enjoyed using this program. This program provided music clips, title screens, and animation when needed.

The editing in Imovie was simple and made the movie making process to run smoothly.

Making this video was effective in its teaching. I would love to do another.

Youth Baseball Video

Pop ups, side ads, YouTube videos, etc. What is keeping our youth so mesmerized by the compouter screen???

I wanted to check out and show you guys a few videos and ads that kept me from clicking off the screen.

First we have the Cure bad breath with OraBrush ad. Check this out!

OraBrush I found that because no one wants bad breath with the mixture of comedic commentary led me to stay on the ad and watch the video all 2 minutes. It has obviously been a hit considering the 13 million views.

Next we have the Chuck Norris/Steven Seagal Mountain Dew commercial. For some reason I cannot turn off a Chuck Norris video. It must be a childhood remembrance that I can not let go. Check this video out!

Norris&Seagal I love how they incorporate humor, movie themes, and name recognition throughout the video.

These videos are just 2 of millions out there on the web that people of all ages watch daily.
I believe humor is above all what interests the world but others may disagree and say its more action, emotion, etc. Whatever the case may be we are all still watching.

If advertisers want to keep the public interested in their product, humorous videos are the way.


I thought about throwing the MAC computer out the window, on the floor so it would shatter into thousands of pieces, shaking it violently, and finally head butting it however, I did not so this; obviously I am still attending OSU.
Anyone wondering why I felt this way? I had a soundslide podcast to do and my inexperience and impatience with MAC computers set me over the edge. Nevertheless I reached greatness by completing the assignment and can honestly say I feel a sense of achievement now.
My soundslide podcast included a teacher who believed learning succeed grading and how society pressures students to achieve a certain GPA instead of pushing the benefits of learning itself.
The assignment, though difficult, taught me how to build a podcast through audio on garage band and to build a slideshow with it on soundslides. The editing was tough because the audio was never where I needed it to be and the pictures would switch around on me but after hours of correcting I believe the podcast on YouTube is where I want it to be.
If the challenge presented itself for me to again build a podcast, I would consider it depending on the subject and how much time I had to work on it.
I enjoyed the project overall and learned alot.

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